Behind-the-Wheel Training

Behind-the-Wheel Lessons – $350

To sign up for BTW lessons, call or text: 218-343-4119
Email with questions:

With the completion of the 30 hours of classroom training, and upon meeting financial requirements toward behind-the-wheel (BTW) lessons, your teen receives the blue card to bring to the DMV and take the permit test.

Once your teen has the permit, it is most desirable that you have your teen drive no more than about two hours with you so they learn the basics of driving…use of the steering wheel, brakes, accelerator, signal lights, headlights, taillights…then immediately set up the BTW lessons which consist of three appointments, each two hours long.

Too common is that students who get many hours in prior to taking the BTW have been learning incorrect and sometimes poor driving habits, and we use up precious training time “unlearning” rather than just advancing forward. It’s amazing how many of the rules of driving have changed in the last 30 years.

Behind-the-Wheel Training consists of three 2-hour behind-the-wheel sessions with the driving instructor.  Please call or text to schedule lessons, payment will be collected at first lesson.

Call or text this number: 218-343-4119
Email with questions:

What Our Clients Say:

My son did not know the rules of driving and needed behind the wheel instruction. He took the class with another driving academy, but he was fairly bored. My son learned all he needed to know to be successful during his driving test and how to be a safe and cautious driver.

Krysta Riel Maas

The behind the wheel was wonderful. It was easy to schedule, they were always prompt in picking up and dropping off. They explained very thoroughly what needed to be practiced. My son was extremely equipped for his road test. I give Northern Lights Driver Education 5/5 and would recommend them.


I had no experience driving in the US and these lessons helped me feel confident enough to drive. It was extremely informative and I appreciate every piece of information that was given. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education.

Urvashi Dixit

We were fearful to have a new driver on the road and about the flexibility of the class schedule. My child enjoyed the class, took lots of notes, and learned a lot of information. Behind-the-wheel was easy to schedule and work with even during the pandemic. We rank Northern Lights Driver Education 5 out of 5 and would recommend them!

Gina O

My biggest concern was making sure my son Zack had proper behind the wheel driving experience prior to taking his road test. We were VERY happy Zack met Denise at Northern Lights Drivers Ed. She is very throrough, which Zack found very helpful. Zack is a very detailed person and found Denise’s professional instruction very positive. He learned very quickly and has retained and maintained an excellent driving record and habits since taking the course. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others.

-Linda Lanigan

I was concerned it would be difficult to get Holland in for all her hours, that she’d miss school and that I’d have to bring her to a different school for pick-up. None of those were true. It was super easy and convenient. She felt like she learned a lot and liked that she was given things to work on for the next lesson. I would recommend NLDE to others.

Julie V.

My daughter learned so much from the instructor. She was driving with the instructor in many different scenarios and traffic patterns. Northern Lights helped prepare my daughter to be an independent driver.

Emily V

Denise was very organized and very on top of things. She fully prepares her students. My child learned a lot, they covered all areas. He liked that she hand a no nonsense policy. Keeps the boys on track. My son passed his permit first try and the drivers test first time. He was very prepared – Denise covered everything. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others.

Julie Thibault