Northern Lights Driver Education provides driver training to students in Duluth and the surrounding area. Northern Lights Driver Education focuses on training teens to become safe, risk-free drivers.

Current Minnesota State Requirements can be found in the MN Driver Manual.

Two hands on the wheel, eyes on the road!

My concerns where that my daughter would not have enough time to practice driving and thus, being prepared for lessons. There were also exposures to COVID and illnesses that made getting practice time and preparing for lessons challenging. We needed to postpone lessons, but Denise was remarkably supportive and accommodating. Therefore, these concerns were resolved. The online classroom portion was wonderful and packed full of information! Denise is enthusiastic and knowledgeable! My daughter appreciated the behind-the-wheel portion, but would get anxious because she stated she felt she received a lot of critiques. As a parent though, I appreciated Denise’s suggestions on how my daughter could improve her driving skills and be safe. I was surprised by how thorough and knowledgeable Denise was. I don’t recall receiving so much in depth training when I went through Behind the Wheel training many years ago. I very much appreciated Denise’s knowledge. As a parent, I felt I could trust Denise with my daughter and be a good teacher for her as well. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others.

Patricia W.

I had concerns about the class being virtual, whether my son would be able to concentrate through the computer. Turns out it was great for him! Happy to have this option! My child and I really learned a lot from this class. Very well taught and great communication towards the both of us. I’m very happy with my son’s behind the wheel. Picked my son up and dropped him off. Great communication and thorough lessons. Great job covering topics and throwing in some life lessons too! Not only were the lessons important but she made the parents feel welcomed and important! I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to other parents.

Melissa Ross

Adella had to take driver’s training in a zoom class due to COVID. Denise, the instructor did an amazing job getting the kids to interact and stay focused and to teach them the importance and safety of driving. We thought the class room portion was excellent! We loved how Denise was so punctual and informative during the behind-the-wheel instructions! Adella said she took the time to teach the safety in driving and safety of being alone as a femaile walking to a car in a public, dark parking lot. Which is very important these days!! Very grateful for that as a parent to a teenage girl!

Janel Olesiak

Honestly I was incredibly thankful that it was online. As a mother of 4 and a husband that works nights in the railroad it saved me a ton of driving and waiting. Lilly’s anxiety level was high every time because she is the awkward kid that doesn’t small talk well. But she was pleasantly pleased that it wasn’t super scary and she was comfortable. You are excellent at explaining everything. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others.

Devin Dzuck

I was initially concerned about my daughter taking the course online due to covid, but Denise did a great job utilizing zoom for a great experience. It was set up very well and structured. It was interactive and informative. Denise was amazing to work with! Se was very flexible with scheduling. I feel my child got th best behind the wheel experience possible. She is a more confident driver who will be able to perform safely. It certainly helped me as a parent, feel less nervous about my child being a newly licensed driver! I have no doubt my child will pass her road exam.

Amy Buchholz

I was nervous about our daughter being anxious while driving, flustered easily, etc. Denise resolved these concerns speaking with me after the last BTW. It was really reassuring. It also gave me a glimpse into Denise’s knowledge of driving – which seemed extremely in-depth. We only did the BTW portion of the class with Denise. We did the classroom portion with another company, however when it came to BTW and trying to schedule dates, their communication wasn’t there. After months of attempts they told us they wouldn’t get to her until September! A friend told us of Denise doing BTW. After reaching out we had an appointment the next day! Unreal compared to our other communication with the prior company. So that would be the first thing we loved about Northern Lights. The prompt communication making the BTW appts. Also really appreciated the thorough texts of what to practice and how. That was EXTREMELY helpful!! Our daught enjoyed BTW and felt that it was really helpful in getting her ready for her license test.

Carly Baker

Congratulations to our new drivers!