About Northern Lights

Safety on the roadways starts with well-trained new drivers.  Their classroom experience brings them the knowledge they’ll take into the car. It’s important to remember your teen has been learning how to drive from the moment they were old enough to sit upright in the car seat and observe the driver.  They’ll do whatever they observe those they ride with doing. Be a good mentor. Set a good example.

Your teen will learn a few key phrases like “I drive safe one, I drive safe two” SMOG, and SIPDE to keep them on task.

Completion of the driver education classroom training is a step in the direction of your teen becoming a licensed driver.  These are exciting times for your teen and your family!  Along with this comes a lot of responsibility for all the family.

I look forward to working with your teen on safe, risk-free driving habits!

Thank you!

Denise McDougall
Owner/Licensed Instructor

Northern Lights Driver Education
P.O. Box 1046
Proctor, MN  55810

I was recommended by a friend so I knew everything would be good. Denise was a really helpful and supportive teacher. I would recommend this course to others.

Melissa S.

I was worried about my son’s ability to focus with his ADHD, but the instructor did a great job with teaching because I feel like my son is a better driver than most people. He learned a lot from the classroom portion and he even updated me on new laws and regulations. Everything was great, I feel my son learned a lot and I feel safe when riding with him. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others!


I was worried I wouldn’t have the knowledge to pass the driving test, but the class was great! Flexible times and dates, and great teacher.

Julien Y