What Others Are Saying

I was concerned about a Wisconsin student having class in Minnesota, but you taught what he needed to know. He loved it and learned so much. He was always talking about what he learned and correcting my driving.

Donna Jones

Our questions were always answered, and Denise was very kind and accommodating. My daughter took the Behind-the-Wheel course and loved it. She always came home with information and the proper techniques of how to turn, stop, and other aspects of driving to help her feel more confident when she drove with me to prepare for her license. We would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others.

Mandy Fagan

The classes whent fairly smoothly, convenient times. Helpful that instructor met us at our home for behind the wheel, start and finish.

Marcia R

I was concerned about finding a session with days that would work around my daughter’s schedule. Denise was very accommodating. My daugther liked the candy. It helped keep her attention. Great job of explaining rules and regulations.

Ashley Herrboldt

My son is on the spectrum so has a harder time retaining information and wasn’t sure he woudl be able to grasp the rules of the road. Denise was patient and understanding with him and he was comfortable so was able to learn everything. I think it was very informative and even I learned a few new rules that had changed since I had taken drivers ed.

Amie Lawrey

Our concerns were whether drivers ed classes would with an athlete’s schedule, how we’d get him there if we were still at work. Northern Lights ended up working out perfectly for us in every situation. Flexible and weekends. He thought it helped him quite a bit to pass the permit test. He thought Denise was very informative and patient.

Erin Postal

I had concerns about how my son would even complete his Behind the Wheel instruction due to his busy school and sports schedule.  Northern Lights Driver Ed was extremely flexible with the session and times.  My son Garrett had a great experience taking the Behind the Wheel sessions with Denise.  He felt much more confident as a driver and was well prepared not only for this driver’s test, but for navigting in a variety of different driving situations.  Denise has a calm demeanor and gave a lot of valuable instruction.  Garrett felt comfortable asking questions and learned a lot.  I would easily give Northern Lights Driver’s Ed a 5 start rating and recommend them to others. 

– Amy Johnson

My son took classes through a different provider, but he felt he learned more in his first driving session with Northern Lights Driver Education than he did in all the classes.  It was good to see him drive after the first time with Denise.  As with most teens, he was reluctant to take “Mom’s advice” on driving technique, but after his first behind-the-wheel session he was confidently pointing out some of the things I was initially concerned about and what Denise had taught him.  He enjoyed his time in BTW training and became a better driver.  I’m very glad he waited to take his training with you.  Thank you, and keep putting out good, safe drivers!

– M. L.

I had several concerns when starting the driver education process – would my child be safe, what would the price be, would the instructor be thorough in teaching what is needed. NLDE was a great program for our child and we got to personally know the instructor. While my child didn’t like answering questions in front of peers, the class itself was very informative and was given in a way that our child maintained the info. Our child like the behind the wheel portion of the class and it is definitly a must when learning to drive. She learned a lot about driving and the curriculum was perfectly age based. We would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education to others.


Great experience! Ms. McDougall was flexible and would meet us where convenient for us, was very kind, knowledgeable, reliable, and had great communication skills and informed us of things our child should work on. She responded to texts for last minute questions before taking the test! She went above and beyond expectations.


My child did the behind-the-wheel portion with Northland Lights Driver Education. It was very thorough and professional. My son learned a great deal. I appreciated the time Denise took after each two hour session to discuss driving for that day. She was positive and encouraging for a young driver. I would recommend her to others.

Krista Nosan

As a single parent, working multiple jobs, I was worried about how I was going to be able to get my son to driver’s education classes downtown…I was thrilled that Northern Lights had such a convenient location right here in Proctor. It couldn’t have been any nicer! Furthermore the classroom facility was clean, climate controlled, and in a safe, family friendly location.My son throughly enjoyed the classroom portion of the class. It was paced at a level that kept him on his toes, but was not overwhelming nor too slow and boring. He made more then one comment about Denise…”Denise said this and Denise told us that… Denise really cares if we know this stuff…Denise really wants us to be safe, like the stuff she has to show us is suppose to scare us, but you can tell she really just wants us to realize how bad we could get hurt or hurt someone else… driving is a huge responsibility…”
Greg really enjoyed BTW… he was bummed if Denise had to brake for him…😛 He said, “Denise has A LOT more patience than you do mom…” Nevermind I told him some of the EXACT same things Denise did…If it came from her— it was the word of God…

Heidi Owens

Our biggest concern was trying to fit the behind-the-wheel in around work and school. It wasn’t an issue. My son liked it and learned a lot. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education.

Mike A.

I was afraid of driving because of the traffic and all the regulations. Northern Lights Driver Education helped me to resolve that by helping me get used to the roads and regulations. The class was very helpful. I would recommend it to others.


My concern was that my child come out of the process feeling confident in the skills he learned.  Northern Lights Driver Ed did a wonderful job making sure my son was knowledgeable and confortable with the rules of driving. My son thought the classroom portion at times was boring but understood it was necessary. Denise was absolutely wonderful at teaching the behind the wheel.  Denise teaches and encourages and gives feedback on their skills.  I would like to see more behind-the-wheel hours. 
– Kathleen Piper

We were worried about how we’d complete the class after COVID started, Denise was great making the zoom classes work for everyone. She enjoyed the interaction, but it was a little harder online than in person. We would have liked more time practicing parallel parking, but had great feedback. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education.
– Anonymous

We were concerned by COVID delays. Denise was able to work with us and get my son ready for the driving test with a safe, responsible, and personalized approach. He enjoyed it and learned a lot!

Kai B.

My daughter only participated in Behind-the-Wheel lessons. She really enjoyed Denise’s explanations for proper handling of a vehicle from parallel parking to entering a freeway. She valued all the driving information and advice Denise offered. As a parent, it was evident that my daughter wasn’t merely receiving lessons, but being taught how to evaluate all sorts of driving situations. Denise is a superb instructor!

Shelley R

Taught good habits and awareness, very good instructions and memorable interactions. Classroom was all online and had a good use of time and visuals.  We felt the instruction was complete.

Siiri Morse