Class Time

Classroom time is scheduled to follow MN Law which requires maximum three (3) hours per scheduled day plus break times, meaning each class will be 3 hours and 15 minutes to allow for three 5-minute breaks during which time students will be allowed to check their cell phones.  (Breaks cannot be incorporated into the 3-hour classroom training time per law.)

The curriculum is based on MN Law in the AAA How to Drive – The Beginning Driver’s Manual.  Students will be required to access the MN Driver’s Manual online to be sure we are always working with the most current information.

MN Driver’s Manual

Class Location:
Forbes United Methodist Church
33 Grove Street
Proctor, MN 55810

What Our Clients Say:

I was worried my child would be one of 100’s taking the class and get lost in the shuffle. That thought was dismissed after hearing and seeing my child go through the class and driving portion. The instructor was very thorough and professional. My son would mention what I was doing wrong in my own driving after the class was done. LOL. Overall, it was good and I recommend Northern Lights Driver Education!
>> Christine B.

As a single parent, working multiple jobs, I was worried about how I was going to be able to get my son to driver’s education classes downtown…I was thrilled that Northern Lights had such a convenient location right here in Proctor. It couldn’t have been any nicer! Furthermore the classroom facility was clean, climate controlled, and in a safe, family friendly location.My son throughly enjoyed the classroom portion of the class. It was paced at a level that kept him on his toes, but was not overwhelming nor too slow and boring. He made more then one comment about Denise…”Denise said this and Denise told us that… Denise really cares if we know this stuff…Denise really wants us to be safe, like the stuff she has to show us is suppose to scare us, but you can tell she really just wants us to realize how bad we could get hurt or hurt someone else… driving is a huge responsibility…”

Greg really enjoyed BTW… he was bummed if Denise had to brake for him…😛 He said, “Denise has A LOT more patience than you do mom…” Nevermind I told him some of the EXACT same things Denise did…If it came from her— it was the word of God…

– Heidi Owens