Northern Lights Driver Education provides driver training to students in Duluth and the surrounding area.

Current Minnesota State Requirements can be found in the MN Driver Manual.

Northern Lights Driver Education focuses on training teens to become safe, risk-free drivers.

Two hands on the wheel, eyes on the road!

My concern was that my child come out of the process feeling confident in the skills he learned.  Northern Lights Driver Ed did a wonderful job making sure my son was knowledgeable and confortable with the rules of driving. My son thought the classroom portion at times was boring but understood it was necessary. Denise was absolutely wonderful at teaching the behind the wheel.  Denise teaches and encourages and gives feedback on their skills.  I would like to see more behind-the-wheel hours. 

– Kathleen Piper

We were worried about how we’d complete the class after COVID started, Denise was great making the zoom classes work for everyone. She enjoyed the interaction, but it was a little harder online than in person. We would have liked more time practicing parallel parking, but had great feedback. I would recommend Northern Lights Driver Education.

– Anonymous

My daughter only participated in Behind-the-Wheel lessons. She really enjoyed Denise’s explanations for proper handling of a vehicle from parallel parking to entering a freeway. She valued all the driving information and advice Denise offered. As a parent, it was evident that my daughter wasn’t merely receiving lessons, but being taught how to evaluate all sorts of driving situations. Denise is a superb instructor!

– Shelley R

Taught good habits and awareness, very good instructions and memorable interactions. Classroom was all online and had a good use of time and visuals.  We felt the instruction was complete.

– Siiri Morse

We were concerned by COVID delays. Denise was able to work with us and get my son ready for the driving test with a safe, responsible, and personalized approach. He enjoyed it and learned a lot!

– Kai B.

Congratulations to our new drivers!

I was hoping for good communication about the schedule, make-up dates, and ensuring requirements were met for each stage. Denise was always prompt, helpful, and professional in all communication, and informed parents about everything pertinent to their student’s education.

My daughter learned an immense amount of information, and found the classroom content to be presented in an interesting and informative manner, with plenty of examples and illustrations to help remember the class content. She received a very thorough driver’s education from Denise.

My daughter was very happy with behind the wheel. She learned so much, felt comfortable with Denise, and always came home feeling confident and positive about her performance. We knew she was in good hands from the very beginning; it was clear that Denise cares deeply about her students having an adept grasp on everything they need to know to drive safely. We’ve had three kids go through driver’s training, and this one by far was the best. It far exceeded our expectations.

We give Northern Lights Driver Education 5-stars!

– Brenna J